About Dr. Lloyd

“My passion is to engage you on your journey to hope,
healing and transformation”

Hello! I’m Dr. Lloyd


Navigating the uncertainties of life can be extremely challenging. During times of crisis, we often feel added pressure to have the answers and be decisive. It’s hard to “carry the weight of the world” when things are unraveling. Dr. Lloyd’s passion is to bring hope and healing to those that are emotionally paralyzed and hurting.

Dr. Tim Lloyd enjoys a remarkable counseling career spanning over 25 years, successfully proven in private practice and corporate settings. As a board-certified behavior analyst and a licensed marriage and family therapist, he leverages a wide variety of clinical techniques and life experiences. His life coaching and strategic planning offer an outcome-based approach for specific individual and career needs.

Additionally, his experience includes the development of state-wide health care systems in Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado, and Hawaii. While serving as the Director of the Behavioral Health Division of Community Ties of America, his expansion efforts resulted in company recognition by Inc Magazine as one of the top 15% of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States in 2009.

Tim’s passion brings hope and healing to the emotionally paralyzed and hurting. He believes the best therapy, family and individual, is non-judgmental, meeting at points of need, and providing stability while pursuing reconciliation, restoration, and renewal. His dedication encourages clients to achieve their potential with dignity and self-respect. In the context of psychotherapy, family counseling, and clinical practice, Tim delivers an evidence-based approach uniquely Christian in foundation and principle. Routinely teaching and preaching, he speaks from both clinical and theological perspectives, uniquely integrating both.

Tim thrives in his marriage to Hillary and is a committed father of a blended family with six amazing children.

My Approach

You will find therapy with me to be safe, caring, practical, and goal-oriented. It will not just be a place to “vent,” but a place to leverage real change.

Utilizing tools such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Gottman Method in Couples Therapy —we can heal the wounds that may be running your life and build new skills to reach your ultimate goals.

Having practiced as a professional therapist for over twenty years I have worked with people from many walks of life from students to business leaders to professional athletes.
Whether you are just starting out, or have achieved great professional success, I can help you.


He maintains the following credentials:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
  • Florida Board Certified Addictions Professional (MCAP)
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Certification
  • Ordained Minister


He holds Master’s and Doctorate level degrees in Psychology, Counseling, Theology, and Behavioral Science from Liberty University, Louisiana Baptist University, Great Plains Baptist Divinity School, Faith Theological Seminary, and the Florida Institute of Technology.


Couples Counseling


Behavior Analysis

Executive Coaching

"Dr. Tim Lloyd is a very insightful counselor. He brings a level of integrity and experience to his practice and has true compassion for those he cares for and counsels. I’ve grown to trust Dr. Lloyd as a friend and peer in coaching."

Director of Men’s Ministries & Gateway to Freedom

"Dr. Timothy Lloyd has served us well as a steadying advisor, trainer and coach. As Owner/Administrator of a long term care facility, my executive and support staff, and our patients, alike, endorse Dr. Tim wholeheartedly. "

Robert M. Roth
Hillendale Cares LLC

"I'm writing this letter of recommendation for ABA Health under the leadership of Dr. Tim Lloyd. We were fortunate enough to meet Tim recently through networking. His follow-up was swift and his understanding of the many issues that are part of ASD is outstanding. His approach is holistic, multidisciplinary and he considers the impact for the whole family. He has been a strong advocate for the needs of our child and has worked tirelessly on the insurance side to uncover every avenue for potential service provision. His staff are courteous, responsive and well trained. A recommendation I gleaned from one of Temple Gradin's lectures years ago that I continue to hold close is to "surround your child with only the very best people, skilled in what they do, as they will make a difference". We feel very blessed to have ABA Health on our side helping to configure the next steps to maximum independence for our son as he progresses toward adulthood. Their concern is genuine and the interventions are meaningful. We are very optimistic about the continued impact under Dr. Lloyd's guidance and grateful for his expertise. I highly recommend his service for others seeking effective and purposeful ABA intervention."

~ Gina Gilbert

"It's my honor and pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Dr. Tim Lloyd and his staff at ABA Health. From the initial conversation I had with Dr. Lloyd I felt a sense of relief that we had finally found the person who can help us to be the best cohesive family possible. It has been a struggle for years to find the right provider and services for my daughter, Maggie and we have found that with ABA Health. Dr. Lloyd and his hard working staff have changed our lives in the few short weeks we've known them. My daughter gets excited when we tell her that the therapist is coming to the house. The staff are kind, caring, compassionate, and most of all are great at what they do. They not only provide therapy to our daughter but they equip us with tools and strategies to implement when they are not there. Working with Dr. Lloyd and his staff has been an extremely amazing experience for our family. I hope you choose to add Dr. Lloyd and his staff to your provider list. His team would be an asset to the CARD Center."

~ Julie Meyer